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Pioneers in Cancer Research

About New Wind Therapeutics: An L3C Company

New Wind Therapeutics isn’t just a name; it’s a promise. A promise to redefine cancer treatment, to elevate patient care, and to create a world where cancer is not a dreaded word but a solvable challenge. Our dynamic research team, led by Dr. Shin Mukai, is at the forefront of pioneering research. With a profound focus on targeting Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs), our mission goes beyond words. It’s rooted in action, innovation, and a shared commitment to triumph over cancer’s grasp. As a Low-profit Limited Liability Company (L3C), social impact takes center stage. Our dedication to addressing the pressing needs of cancer patients drives every aspect of our work. As an L3C, we bring together the best of both worlds: advancing scientific breakthroughs while maximizing positive social outcomes. The L3C model combines the characteristics of non-profit and for-profit entities, allowing us to take a unique approach to business, growth, and change.

Uniting Expertise, Igniting Transformation

Dr. Shin Mukai

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Shin Mukai is more than a scientist; he’s a visionary on a mission. With a robust foundation in Chemistry from Kyoto University and a PhD in Bio-Organic Chemistry from The University of Western Australia, he’s a catalyst for innovation. His journey spans continents, his expertise enveloping biology, immunology, and synthetic organic/medicinal chemistry. Beyond research, he’s co-founded New Wind Therapeutics L3C, transforming cancer care from a vision into reality. His legacy? Producing leaders, not just treatments.

A member and mentor at Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, Dr. Mukai is sculpting a future where cancer’s grip loosens and finally releases.


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