New Wind Therapeutics L3C

New Wind Therapeutics L3C

Redefining the Battle Against Pancreatic Cancer

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New Wind Therapeutics isn’t just a name – it’s a promise.

Pancreatic Cancer: A Daunting Challenge

Pancreatic cancer stands as one of the most formidable adversaries in the medical field. With a survival rate below 12% over five years, its treacherous nature defies easy detection and treatment. A resilient foe, pancreatic cancer poses a profound challenge that compels us to rethink the paradigm of care.

Introducing Dr. Shin Mukai: Pioneering Cancer Research for a Better Tomorrow

Dr. Shin Mukai: Bridging Science and Social Impact

Step into the world of innovation led by Dr. Shin Mukai, a revolutionary chemical biologist and entrepreneur committed to reshaping cancer research. With a PhD in Bio-Organic Chemistry and over 15 years of expertise in biology, immunology, and synthetic organic/medicinal chemistry, he spearheads groundbreaking efforts at New Wind Therapeutics L3C. Our mission is to redefine cancer treatment through ingenious therapies precisely targeting Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs). Driven by a fervent desire to train and mentor the next generation of leading researchers, Dr. Mukai beckons you to unite with our accomplished New Wind Therapeutics team on a transformative journey to rewrite the story of cancer. Join us, and let’s envision a world free from the clutches of this disease. 

Ready to Embark?

L3C Model

New Wind Therapeutics has been established based on Dr. Shin Mukai’s idea and vision, and operates as a Low-profit Limited Liability Company (L3C), where social impact takes center stage. Our dedication to addressing the pressing needs of cancer patients drives every aspect of our work. As an L3C, we bring together the best of both worlds: advancing scientific breakthroughs while maximizing positive social outcomes.

Exploring the Frontiers of Discovery

Our Research Process

At New Wind Therapeutics, the journey to transform cancer care is rooted in research excellence. Our dynamic research process unites cutting-edge technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a profound commitment to targeting Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs). Stay tuned for an immersive dive into our research methodologies that aim to change the landscape of cancer treatment.

Our Mission

Research, Discover, Unite, Transform, Triumph.

Our mission is not merely a statement; it’s a call to action. At New Wind Therapeutics, we’ve set our sights on an audacious goal: improving the lives of cancer patients and their families. How? By venturing into the uncharted territory of Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs). These remarkable cells underpin treatment resistance and relapse, making them the focal point of our efforts. Here’s where you come in: join us, and be part of this movement that redefines cancer. Our innovative strategies, meticulously crafted and driven by precision and discipline, are the vanguard of the future of cancer therapy. Stand united with us, and let’s create a world where the flames of hope and healing burn bright.

Unlock Your Potential

Professional Development and Training

We see potential. We see growth. We see you. At New Wind Therapeutics, we’re not just researchers; we’re a caring community bound by the pursuit of excellence. Our commitment to fostering growth extends way beyond laboratories. Through tailored professional development and training initiatives, we aim to empower emerging professionals, researchers, and medical practitioners. You’re not just learning; you’re building the future of cancer care.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can become an integral part of our mission.

Empowering Change

From Diagnosis to Solution

Cancer touches us all – parents, survivors, patients, friends, and families. Amid the challenges, there’s a path to hope. At New Wind Therapeutics, we’re addressing the most pressing needs, particularly for cancers impacting patient life and well-being. Our unwavering focus on prevention, intervention, and innovation aims to transform the cancer journey from a daunting diagnosis to an empowering solution. Cancer care shouldn’t be a sedative; it’s a roadmap toward healing and renewal.

Ready to join hands in this transformative journey?

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New Wind has been listed as one of the 50 Leading Companies of the Year 2024 by
The Silicon Review and received a 2024 Global Recognition Award.

In Their Words:
Stories of Strength and Hope

Cancer isn’t just a battle; it’s a story of resilience. Real lives, real struggles, real triumphs – these are the narratives that resonate with us. As we gather testimonials from cancer patients and their families, we’re reminded that behind the statistics and treatments, there are courageous and frightened individuals standing strong. Join us in celebrating their stories, as they inspire and ignite our journey to a world free from the grasp of cancer.