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Research at New Wind Therapeutics

Unveiling the Heart of Our Innovation

At New Wind Therapeutics, research is at the core of our mission to transform cancer treatment. Our unique approach combines the visionary leadership of Dr. Shin Mukai, an esteemed chemical biologist, with the precision-driven insights of Carl Williams, an experienced IT specialist.

Discover the minds steering our groundbreaking research

Meet the Architects of Our Research

Pioneers in Cancer Research

Dr. Shin Mukai

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Mukai’s journey began with degrees in Chemistry at Kyoto University, Japan. A PhD in Bio-Organic Chemistry from The University of Western Australia ignited a passion for cutting-edge research. His groundbreaking work in chemical biology/immunology and patented treatments for chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease led to his role as the co-founder of New Wind Therapeutics L3C.

Uniting Expertise, Igniting Transformation

Carl Williams

Co-Founder, President and Chief Information Officer

As an IBM IT specialist and humanitarian, Carl Williams plays a pivotal role in optimizing our research. His background in data management and IT infrastructure is instrumental in our data-driven approach.

Unlocking Our Confidential Research Design

Our research design is the heartbeat of our mission. Here's a glimpse into what makes us pioneers in cancer treatment:

Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)

At the forefront of our research are Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs), the driving force behind treatment resistance and relapse.


Innovation Hub

We thrive on innovation, and our research culture is designed to foster it.


Data as the Catalyst

Our research is propelled by data-driven insights.


Collaboration Ecosystem

Collaboration is woven into our DNA, creating a creative and open-research environment.

A High-Level Overview

Our Research Process

At New Wind Therapeutics, we understand the importance of transparency in our research endeavors while also maintaining the confidentiality of our proprietary methodologies. Our team of experts are dedicated to producing approaches that can be peer-reviewed and made available to the public in the coming years of NWT both investing and committing to CSC research.

1. Problem Identification

Our research begins with the identification of critical issues in cancer treatment. We focus on understanding the complexities of various cancer types, with a particular emphasis on Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs), which play a central role in treatment resistance.

2. Multidisciplinary Collaboration

We employ a team of experts from diverse fields, including biology, chemistry, immunology, and data science. This collaborative approach enables us to tackle complex problems from multiple angles.

3. Data Collection and Analysis

Rigorous data collection and analysis are at the heart of our research. We gather information from various sources, including clinical studies and laboratory experiments, to build a comprehensive understanding of the disease.

4. Hypothesis Generation

Based on our data analysis, we formulate hypotheses and research questions. These guide our experiments and investigations.

5. Innovative Experimentation

Our research involves innovative experimentation and the development of cutting-edge technologies. While we cannot disclose specific procedures, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of cancer research.

6. Results Evaluation

We continuously evaluate our results, seeking to validate our hypotheses and refine our approaches. This iterative process ensures that our research remains dynamic and adaptable.

7. Translation to Treatment

Ultimately, our goal is to translate our research findings into effective cancer treatments. This involves extensive testing, clinical trials, and collaborations with medical professionals.

8. Continuous Learning

The field of cancer research is ever-evolving. We stay at the forefront of new developments, ensuring that our work remains relevant and impactful.

Documents and Further Information

While we do not provide specific documents or step-by-step procedures, we regularly publish research summaries, articles, and updates on our website. These resources offer insights into our findings and the broader landscape of cancer research.


 We take the confidentiality of our research processes seriously to protect our intellectual property and maintain a competitive edge. We appreciate your understanding of our need to safeguard our proprietary methods.

Thank you for your interest in our research efforts. We are dedicated to advancing cancer treatment and look forward to sharing more about our discoveries as they unfold.